Semi-Automatic Fly-Ash Brick Making Machine

Semi-Automatic Fly-Ash Brick Making Machine

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Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Unit

Automation Grade

Automatic, Semi-Automatic

Electric Motor

3 hp

Sizes of Moulds

250 x 250 x 100 mm


10,000-12000 bricks/hr

Hydraulic Force

35 tonnes

We are offering Fly-Ash Brick Making Machine to our clients.

MODEL NO. 1500

Features :

Has produced the most versatile plant's for the manufacture of fly-ash bricks/ pavers/ tiles/ blocks made out of fly ash as the main constituent in combination with sand, lime, and gypsum. Bricks can also be produced out of fly-ash and cement mix or sand lime or sand cement i. e., the same machinery can be employed for making concrete bricks/soil bricks.

The process consists of mixing and grinding the materials in the pan mixer. With the addition of batching equipment, the material can be mixed with, in the required proportions by weight, to have uniform quality most economically. The mixed and ground materials are conveyed on the belt conveyor to brick making a machine from where the hydraulically compressed bricks are continuously produced and taken to the curing site on pallets by the pallet trucks/conveyors, where, bricks are cured by water spray or steam cured for early strength.

The main machines of the system are panned mixer, belt conveyor, brick machine, pallet trucks along with the wooden pallets:

Pan Mixer (Model pm500)

  • Pan mixer is specially designed for thorough mixing of the fly ash ingredients with the grinding of the lime, gypsum and other coarse and granular materials in the powder form.
  • Power is transmitted from the electric motor to the pan mixer through the heavy duty worm reduction gear box provided below the pan mixer.
  • Hard wearing liner plates are bolted and can be changed when required.
  • Easy bottom unloading mechanism.
  • Heavy cast iron rollers revolving on bearings with metal seals are provided to grind the material to the desired shape and size.
  • Changeable mixing and discharge blades are of special alloy steel with hard faced tips.
  • The pan mixer has a capacity of 500 kgs. Per batch and powered by electric motors.

Belt Conveyor (Model bump 400)

  • Belt conveyor is made of a sturdy steel frame.
  • Power is transmitted from the electric motor to the reduction box and to the conveyor roller.
  • The fly ash mix can be regulated according to the speed of the brick making machine.
  • The conveyor belt is made of nylon belting with rubber top.
  • Friction fewer idlers are provided with seals on both sides to prevent any ingress of fly-ash and dust, etc. Going inside the bearings to the idlers.


  • A collecting hopper is provided below the discharge gate of the pan mixer in order to collect and stock the mixed material from the pan mixer and discharge the required quantity onto the belt conveyor. It is bolted to the belt conveyor's frame.

Brick Machine (Model JJ 1500 mm)

  • JJ 1500 mm is hydraulically operated, automatic, plc controlled, self-diagnosing type, having a digital display.
  • Computer connection can be fitted if required.
  • The machine develops a heavy hydraulic force on the bricks for the required time to make the bricks uniform.
  • The compressive force is adjustable as per requirements
  • The machine is robustly constructed, steel structured, heavy duty, designed for taking up all types of heavy loads, due to variations in raw materials.
  • Various types and sizes of molds can be fitted with a maximum size.